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A Brief Analysis Of Several Advantages Of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
- Jul 20, 2017 -

A brief analysis of several advantages of Cigarette Overwrapping Film

Cigarette Overwrapping Film is firstly heats and softens the transparent stick put oneself in the membrane, vacuum suction opening, will stick put oneself in film paste on the board (or bubble cloth plate etc.), even if the product closely tighten between film and paper board, tags, and the effect of earthquake protection. It is widely used in hardware, tooling, toys, knife cutlery, electronic, lighting, decoration, handicraft, food and so on.

What are the advantages of cigarette packaging?

1. Replace the protection dragon (bubble) : the environmental protection rules of the countries have begun to ban and occupy space, increasing many transportation costs and piling up space.

2. Replace PVC blister (bubble shell) : in addition to containing toxic chlorine, the plastic film must also open die and adhesive, and the price is high, taking up the space, which can easily cause the defects of the appearance of the packaging.

3. Moisture-proof: due to the perfect close match between the film and the material and the vacuum packaging, the space reaches the minimum and has excellent moisture resistance, so it is not necessary to add desiccant and save unnecessary expenses.

4. Beautiful: this kind of packaging for film heating softening, can according to the appearance of product extensions attached with, make the decorative pattern of product type in the clear, beautiful and neat, extremely high value, increase the desire to buy.

5. The protective good: the whole pile of circuit board or multiple elements, can be fixed after packaging, every piece of close to each other, in handling the delivery on the way, regular sex good, won't produce friction scratch each other.

6. Save cost: the use of vacuum forming packaging each product need to open a mold, product variety, adopt vacuum packaging no open mold, all kinds of shape products for packaging, sample convenient and save time to reduce costs.

7. High efficiency choice: use packaging can choose manual or automatic packing machine, in accordance with the working platform, a package of one or more, time saving and efficient, and easy to operate security, operators need to have special expertise.

Cigarette Overwrapping Film for food grade product of environmental protection, have the best transparency and deep stretchability, gloss and excellent optical performance, excellent tearing resistance and puncture resistance, low temperature thermal formability, saves the energy efficiency improvements, best choice for high-end product packaging.

Cigarette Overwrapping Film using sand tube raw material, a special formula and process of development can be solved by traditional cigarettes or other film packaging smooth surface produced by the "package gas or air bubble phenomenon", after the product packaging is perfect.

So what do you know when you should use a cigarette wrap? Here's a look:

1. The transparency of the product is very high and the transparency of the crystal is required.

2. After the packaging film is wrapped in plastic, the membrane can absorb right angles around the product, and the film absorbs very well.

3. After testing the other cigarette packaging, it still can not reach the expected packaging effect, and may consider using cigarette packaging.

4. The customer will not allow the cardboard to penetrate the stomata. The tensile properties of the laminates are excellent, and the cardboard can absorb as well as the pores.

5. The customer does not allow the cardboard to be curly after the packaging. The sarin film will not shrink back like other laminates, and it will keep the cardboard in a smooth state.