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A Brief Discussion On The Design Technique Of The Plug Wrap
- Jul 20, 2017 -

A brief discussion on the design technique of the Plug Wrap

You may be wondering, isn't this the title of the design of the Plug Wrap, which is a half - cent relationship with wang sicong? In fact, the small make up will say that wang sicong just wanted to use his response to the netizen "practice makes perfect". As a packaging manufacturer talks about various techniques of packaging design but also for many years of experience to summarize out of the doorway, practice makes perfect, so, about the Plug Wrap below these techniques of packaging design hope everybody can carefully look, maybe useful!

1. The packaging design of the Plug Wrap should be environmentally friendly

The reason why some people are resistant to packaging is because they feel that packaging wastes resources and will waste it when they are removed. It is very bad for environment protection. However, if your design of the Plug Wrap is recyclable, then there is no need to worry about it, so the environmental protection of the time packaging design should take the environmental factors into consideration.

2. The design of electronic packaging should be innovative

In this era, whatever you sell is very competitive and may not break the rules for you on the product, but on the packaging we can. In this respect, beer manufacturer ANHEUSERBUSCH did well, they came up with a brand new packaging concept, Plug Wrap and unexpectedly won many packaging design awards. The concept is very simple. It's strange that no one has ever thought of it. We all know that beer is either packaged in glass bottles, or packaged in aluminum cans, and ANHEUSERBUSCH's idea is to combine these two concepts together, 3lian materials, new packaging -- aluminum bottles are coming out. It's special, it's beautiful, and it's 100% recyclable. The beer packaging can be innovated, the Plug Wrap is also ok, so the packaging manufacturer can learn from the feed.

3. Plug Wrap Dazzle the colors of the product

With the continuous progress of printing technology, more and more colorful product packaging in the realization of the consumer, the electron is more high-tech, Plug Wrap, of course, can also be dazzling colorful, packaging manufacturers CMYK four colors of printing should do a meet this requirement.

4. Design Plug Wrap for customers' characteristics

There is great for sex of design is very important, but many didn't take this as a key product manufacturers, Plug Wrap their packaging is often USES the design of "central empty carving", who looks all right, but there is no powder "true love". And if you have a clear orientation to the consumer, and then design the packaging based on their requirements, that's not the same. Unilever's AXE products have a very clear positioning -- young people between the ages of 18 and 35. So their packaging design focuses on attracting these people. The packaging of AXESHOWERGEL is a thick, black plastic container with rugged exterior that is popular with these young people and is as simple as lubricating oil.