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A New Application Of Packaging Cigarette Overwrapping Film
- Jun 23, 2017 -

A New Application of Packaging Cigarette Overwrapping Film
According to experts predict that China's cigarette packaging film market will continue to maintain the current rapid growth momentum. In 2005, China's total market demand for cigarette packaging film will exceed 400,000 tons in 2010 will reach 600,000 tons. If you consider 15% of the development of unbalanced factors, it may reach 700,000 tons.

Double zero foil market space

Experts predict that by 2012 China will need 230,000 tons of double zero foil. Therefore, can still increase the 3 ~ 5 capacity of 10,000 to 40,000 tons ranging from double zero cigarette packaging film factory. However, the data show that the current construction of cigarette packaging film mill a total of 22 units, the production capacity of 120,000 tons, of which double-zero cigarette packaging film capacity of more than 60,000 tons. According to reports, Henan Shenhuo Group in Shanghai's 25,000 tons of double-zero foil production line will be put into operation in the first half of 2006; Jiangsu Daya Group to introduce the rolling mill in the fourth quarter of this year, installed, next year after production, double double foil production capacity can double The Therefore, even the development of double zero foil production capacity is also very limited. In addition, due to the high standards of its technology, for any investors are careful to consider.

High-grade foil development prospects

Although China's cigarette packaging film market is developing rapidly, some products oversupply, but the special performance of high-grade foil, especially those long-term dependence on imports of high-grade foil is still worthy of development. Air conditioning cigarette packaging film is the largest consumption of Chinese cigarette packaging film market, however, air conditioning with high-tech hydrophilic cigarette packaging film, the Chinese market mainly rely on imports, the price is very expensive. Recently Chunlan company developed the "nano-organic hydrophilic cigarette packaging film" officially put into operation, causing the attention of people inside and outside the industry. Chunyu Institute of Refrigeration Center Dr. Xu said that the cost of this cigarette packaging film is only half of Japan's similar materials, improve air conditioning, refrigeration efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, extend the service life of air conditioning and other aspects of outstanding performance. It is expected that by 2005, air-conditioning cigarette packaging film consumption will reach 125,000 tons, of which hydrophilic cigarette packaging film will be 100,000 tons, the current domestic gap is large, the market prospects.

Cigarette packaging film packaging with high barrier properties, lightweight, anti-UV, room temperature shelf life and other advantages, so that the Cigarette Overwrapping Films in a variety of packaging applications continue to increase. At the same time, the packaging of different products on the Cigarette Overwrapping Film packaging also made new demands. For example, some products require UV protection at the same time, but also hope that some special gas can enter the packaging, selective through the membrane has become a need to develop new technologies. Foreign companies have developed a new cigarette packaging packaging packaging technology, such as packaging packaging, antifreeze packaging, anti-condensation packaging and other packaging materials packaging.

Packaging new applications worthy of attention

Cigarette packaging film packaging in food, beverages, dairy products, medicine, electronic products and other fields has developed rapidly, has become an important part of the packaging field. Recently, the cigarette packaging film packaging market, some of the new features worthy of attention. A variety of novel packaging endless. Due to the unique properties of cigarette packaging film, good adhesion, heat resistance, excellent surface printing performance and decorative effect, richer shape packaging design has become a cigarette packaging packaging application of a new feature. Chocolate packaging, for example, our common chocolate packaging with a square, strip, round, diamond, oval, heart and so on. In foreign countries, there are manufacturers to give full play to the imagination, the chocolate will be designed into Santa Claus, historical figures, all kinds of cute little animals, cartoon shape, surface and decorated with the corresponding pattern color. Similar to the design there are many, such as the design of the shape of gold coins, accompanied by golden decoration; there are a variety of different shapes, such as football, cars, toys and so on. Chocolate packaging such a rich shape, in the absence of cigarette packaging film packaging is difficult to imagine. Pet food packaging grows fast. Two or three years ago, pet food packaging also rarely use cigarette packaging film. But the past two years the European market, the pet packaging market has grown rapidly, has become a cigarette packaging film packaging market, part of the rapid growth. Pet food packaging has some special requirements, such as open hope to be able to re-seal, can be heated, fresh, anti-corrosion, moisture, etc., make cigarette packaging film packaging in the pet food packaging field as much. To foil on behalf of the tank is beginning to take shape. In the past, a large amount of aluminum alloy material was used for packaging. In recent years, there has been a package of cigarettes packaging instead of aluminum cans to achieve the same quality assurance. Moreover, the Cigarette Overwrapping Films as an external packaging, can effectively ensure that the cans pull the location of the dust-proof effect, to avoid dust pollution, to achieve safety and health standards. At the same time, cigarette packaging film unique appearance effect, you can get a more attractive appearance.