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Analysis On The Importance Of Environmental Protection, Health And Safety Of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Analysis on the importance of environmental protection, health and safety of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
With the development of China's industrialization, we Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers are also constantly improving the quality of Cigarette Overwrapping Film to meet the mass consumer demand for Cigarette Overwrapping Film. Here, Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers Xiaobian simple for the majority of friends to explain the Cigarette Overwrapping Film environmental protection, health and safety of the importance.
Our Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers in order to be able to improve competitiveness in the industry, we Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film in the production process to meet the harmless, pollution-free and environmental requirements, and until the use of waste and recycling, so as to achieve national environmental protection standard. So Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film can do really environmental protection and its low price, good quality, so Conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film was widely used in all walks of life.
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With the rapid development of China's plastic products market, plastic products, environmental issues become the topic of human discussion. So to protect the film, film and other plastic products, led by plastic waste has seriously affected our living environment. Here, the technical director of Cigarette Overwrapping Film want to talk with our friends about our Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers how to solve the protective film environmental issues.
In recent years, our Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers mainly produce the type of protective film products are photodegradable types and biodegradable plastic type. Because the two types of protective film is in line with our standards of green products. Here, the technical director of Cigarette Overwrapping Film want to share with you the two protective film production process of the specific circumstances.
1, light decomposition type of protective film
This type of protective film in the production process is to be added to the photosensitive group, and add the photosensitive group is to be in its polymer chain at a certain distance can be added. Therefore, such a PE protective film in the artificial light irradiation is safe, stable. However, if it is in the sunlight, the photosensitive group absorbs too much energy to break the polymer chain, eventually leading to plastic decomposition.
2, the biodegradable plastic protective film
This type of protective film is in the production of polymer chain to add some groups to promote the air, or in the soil of the decomposition of biological protective film, so as to achieve environmental protection.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is a more comprehensive performance of the packaging film. Its transparency is good, shiny; with good air tightness and fragrance; moisture resistance medium, low temperature moisture permeability decreased. Cigarettes packaging film excellent mechanical properties, its strength and toughness is all heat-resistant protective film plastic plastic in the best tensile strength and impact strength is much higher than the average film; and the strength is good, stable size, suitable for printing, Paper bags and other secondary processing. Cigarette Overwrapping Film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good resistance to chemical and oil resistance.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is currently on the market the most common kind of protective paste, chemical called polyester film. Cigarette Overwrapping Film is characterized by relatively hard texture, more resistant to scratch. And do not use the PVC material as long as the yellowing of oil. But the general packaging of cigarettes are relying on electrostatic adsorption is easier to blister and fall off, but even if the water off and wash it can be reused. Cigarette Overwrapping Film price is much more expensive than PVC. A lot of foreign well-known paint spray gun brand mobile phone factory, the random configuration is the PET maintenance stickers, the use of PET material maintenance stickers work and packaging more beautiful, specifically for the hot buy phone models to build maintenance stickers, do not need to cut You can directly use the market well-known brand mobile phone film has some products from the PET material production.