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Buy Cigarette Tipping Paper Is The Door To Learn You Choose Right?
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Buy Cigarette Tipping Paper is the door to learn you choose right?

Recently, the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce published in the field of circulation of goods inspection results of goods, 14 batches of unqualified goods on the black list, and illegal addition of migrant fluorescent whitening agent is the main problem of substandard goods.

Citizen in the supermarket to buy Cigarette Tipping Paper

Unqualified goods are difficult to distinguish

Mobility fluorescent whitening agents are one of the potentially carcinogenic factors. In fact, in recent years a lot of "problem Cigarette Tipping Paper" are mostly detected containing this substance. January 13, the reporter visited the provincial capital survey found that for the public, they are often difficult to distinguish "problem Cigarette Tipping Paper."

"I was based on the packaging and brand selection of Cigarette Tipping Paper, because the number of species too much." In the supermarket to buy Cigarette Tipping Paper, Ms. Wang said she was more concerned about the Cigarette Tipping Paper packaging is not beautiful.

Reporters found in the visit, the public in the purchase of tissue in the process of widespread concern is the brand, the price, while ignoring the raw materials of raw materials, product grade, health standards and other issues. "We do not know what the fluorescent whitening agent, what harm to the human body." Ms. Wan said.

Fluorescent whitening "province" cost

A large-scale paper production enterprises interviewees, their production of tissue paper, raw materials, the main source of primary wood pulp, the cost of this raw material is relatively high, in the process of production process does not need to add migratory fluorescent whitening Agent. "In addition to the production of Cigarette Tipping Paper small businesses, small workshops, in order to save costs, often from the outside purchase of the second recycling of paper products, the second processing of Cigarette Tipping Paper, in order to achieve the whitening market in the market, Add a migrable fluorescent whitening agent.

"Compared with napkins, sanitary napkins such products used pulp should be the original pulp, it is very clean, and the quality control." A brand sanitary napkins manufacturers interviewed told reporters that in the ordinary paper manufacturing, etc. Will use recycled pulp, which will use more fluorescent whitening.

Another brand Cigarette Tipping Paper mill official said, the general formal use of large brands of formal materials, basically does not contain migratory fluorescent agents, no harm to the human body, the public can rest assured that use. While small black heart business, with unqualified materials, may contain a removable fluorescent agent.

It is best to use pure wood pulp paper

How much damage does the fluorescent agent have on the human body? Experts, fluorescent agent is not easy to be broken down in the human body will accumulate, resulting in many harmful effects, such as reducing the body's immunity, but also hinder the wound healing. At the same time, the fluorescent agent can cause damage to the human blood system. If the fluorescent agent into the blood circulation, will destroy the red blood cell membrane, causing hemolysis.

The market life of paper cohabitation, how to buy it? Nanchang City Market and Quality Supervision Authority stakeholders suggested that the first do not buy white hair blue paper, followed by the background in the background against the background of the paper shake, if it is poor quality paper, because the filler is more The phenomenon of dregs, and the water will break open.

In addition to the best shopping malls to buy well-known brands of Cigarette Tipping Paper products, to see whether the "three no" products. Now on the market a lot of Cigarette Tipping Paper are "three no" products, so the purchase must carefully check the packaging of Cigarette Tipping Paper products to see if the above marked product name, production enterprises, site, production date, the implementation of standards and valid And other information. Finally, it is best to buy the recent production of products, try to choose pure wood pulp production of Cigarette Tipping Paper.