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Buy Plug Wrap Need To Pay Attention To The Place
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Buy Plug Wrap need to pay attention to the place

Plug Wrap is environmentally friendly non-toxic and tasteless LLDPE resin extruded by the casting method, there are super high performance, mainly for the packaging of goods, can make the goods more neat, but also can increase the attractiveness of the product, Plug the packaging manufacturers to give you talk about buying Plug Wrap need to pay attention to the place.

We buy Plug Wrap, the main thing is to wrap the items wrapped, you can make the items look more solid, and Plug Wrap has a very good transparency, health. Everyone in the purchase of Plug Wrap, we must first pay attention to the packaging is packaged with what items, different items are also different requirements for the Plug Wrap, and only meet the packaging requirements, Plug Wrap can play a better packaging effect. For example, the general items like clothes, refrigerator home appliances cover, with ordinary Plug Wrap can be, and fresh vegetables to use food-grade Plug Wrap, and cooked food recommended fresh film.

Plug Wrap manufacturers suggest that the important thing is in the purchase of Plug Wrap, the first thing to consider is the quality of the Plug Wrap, the price is only second, if blindly pay attention to price, while ignoring the quality, then use the Plug Wrap packaging items, nothing used.

In this large market environment, Plug Wrap is the world's most widely used polymer materials, its biggest advantage is the protection of products in the production and processing, transportation, storage and use of the process from pollution, corrosion, scratches , To protect the original smooth and shiny surface, thereby improving the quality of products and market competitiveness.But due to the different manufacturers, product quality differences or the use of the method is not correct, so plug the packaging often have some problems. Anhui Xiangfei Plastic Co., Ltd. is a 15 years of professional sales of Plug Wrap business, to introduce Plug Wrap in use may encounter problems and how to solve.

Question 1: the user is most of the Plug Wrap products is the problem of degumming, the problem in the profile Plug Wrap reflects the most, when the user after the installation of the profile of the Plug Wrap from the profile surface to tear off when the Plug Wrap performance viscose And did not follow the Plug Wrap, but left in the profile products, which is the user most want to see, because it is very troublesome, need someone to cut these glue from the profile down, especially time-consuming, there The problem has a variety of possibilities, the biggest possibility is that the Plug Wrap products with the pressure of plastic does not meet the requirements, that is too sticky, resulting in Plug Wrap products in the stripping, the external tension is greater than the negative force, and remain in the profile The If the user appears this problem, you can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol, the remaining sensitive adhesive to repeatedly wipe, until the sensitive plastic was wiped clean, but need to pay attention to the time in the wipe do not too Force, or may affect the profile of the product finish.

Problem 2: Although the Plug Wrap product can be effectively stripped but the surface of the profile residue in the case of Plug Wrap performance, the problem in some low-grade Plug Wrap products often appear, this is because the Plug Wrap and the protection of the combination between the profiles Time, in case of sunshine water and other suitable environment, and the occurrence of a combination of this combination of the current there is no good way to avoid, because it is not a regular reproduction of the law to find, so now this There is no good way to avoid the problem!

Question 3: Plug Wrap and protected products is not firmly between the paste, in the transport and use of the process of falling off the phenomenon of the reasons for this problem with the opposite of the problem, the biggest possibility is the Plug Wrap products in the production The use of the viscosity of the adhesive is not enough; there is a possibility that the user in the mold when the pressure machine used by the pressure is not enough, or the surface is not clean clean, dust or paint, etc., affecting the paste effect! If this problem occurs for the reasons, the right medicine, replace the sensitive plastic, increase the film pressure, or in the film when the attention to the surface of the profile of effective cleaning, to avoid the emergence of such problems.

Question 4: Plug Wrap in the use of a period of time after the middle of a good performance, but the two ends of the wings, the main reason for this phenomenon is the plug in the packaging with the protection of the paste in the process, the degree of tension, Later, in case of high temperature environment, there is an unnecessary retraction phenomenon, the problem appears in the southern customers of the product, so the Plug Wrap in the production process should pay attention to the impact of environmental temperature on the use of the product, in the paste process to avoid Unwanted surface stretch.