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Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper Development Trend Of New Materials
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper development trend of new materials

Food is closely related to people's health, food health security is people's attention, so the requirement of food packaging is also special strictly. In the field of food packaging, plastic composite flexible packaging accounts for a large proportion of the. Experts have made clear that the new direction of the development of the future aluminum foil cigarettes: is to improve the existing plastic performance, develop new varieties, improving strength and barrier property, reduce the dosage (thick wall), reuse, recycling to protect the environment.

A new type of high barrier property of plastic has been widely used

The aluminum foil cigarettes can not only strengthen the function of protection of food, but also reduce the amount of plastic, and even can be repeated use. For high barrier property protection of processed foods and vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, etc., are to be packed in composite materials, in the multilayer composite material must have at least a layer of high barrier property of the material. Commonly used high barrier property of the material with aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, etc. With the improvement of food on protective requirements, better barrier property of ethylene - vinyl alcohol copolymer and polyvinyl alcohol are also beginning to application. At present, the developing and developed countries have a small amount of application of PEN (polyethylene naphthalate formic acid glycol ester), caused a lot of advantages for food packaging. PEN chemical structure similar to PET (polyethylene terephthalate), but greatly improve the rigidity, oxygen resistance, and several times higher than that of PET, resistance to water and ultraviolet absorbent, low gas adsorption, holding the food no taste, can be reused.

Inorganic high barrier foil cigarettes will be ChengXinChong microwave food

With the accelerating rhythm of life, can be directly used in microwave heating food packaging become hotspot in the development of new packaging. The current made of aluminum foil and some plastic composite material packaging is opaque, not easy to recycle, and cannot be used in microwave processing, research and development of SiOx plating materials can be used as a substitute in recent years. SiOx is plating on PET, PA, PP, such as base material of a thin layer of silicon oxide, it not only has better barrier property, and has excellent atmospheric environment adaptability. The barrier property are almost not affected by the influence of environmental humidity and temperature changes. SiOx coating has high barrier property, high microwave permeability, transparency, and can be used in microwave processing of food flexible packaging, packaging container can be made into beverage and cooking oil, has been used in our country. SiOx coating cost is higher, the mass production technology is still not perfect, but because of its special performance, will be the century of important cigarette aluminum foil.

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper techniques include packing and the interaction between the internal gas and food. Aluminum foil cigarettes can effectively keep the food nutrition and flavor. Due to the progress of materials science, biological science and gas packaging, Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper technology developing rapidly in recent years. Such as oxygen cigarettes Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper aluminum foil paper, sterilization, etc. Active sterilization material sterilization Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper is combined with a Cigarette Aluminum Foil Paper system, is to sorbitol, sorbic acid salt, sodium benzoate, silver zeolite materials such as join the manufacturing of packaging container material, then make forming into a container, make its slow release the active ingredient in sterilization. Cigarette on the aluminum foil is mainly used in food packaging, relative to the last cut off gas, water vapor and light with physical method, it extend shelf life of food plays a positive and active role, can provide better protection. Therefore, aluminum foil cigarettes as a kind of intelligent technology is widely applied.