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Cigarette Overwrapping Film Heat Seal Strength Is Not How To Deal With
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Cigarette Overwrapping Film heat seal strength is not how to deal with
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is relatively high transparency, shrink film packaging products can be a clear display of the product, but also improve the quality of goods, but the Cigarette Overwrapping Film also has insufficient heat seal strength, Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers teach you how to deal with.
First, heat sealing pressure. Want to ensure that the heat sealing strength of Cigarette Overwrapping Film, then also ensure that the pressure in the heat sealing process, heat sealing pressure to moderate, uneven pressure will make heat sealing parts of the bubble.
Second, heat sealing time. Hot air time is determined by the speed, the same heat sealing temperature, the longer the heat sealing time, the heat sealing layer will be more firmly bonded, but there will be too long wrinkles.
Third, heat sealing temperature. Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers tell you that the temperature on the Cigarette Overwrapping Film also has a great impact, it is recommended that you put the temperature to the Cigarette Overwrapping Film semi-melting temperature on it, overheating will melt the Cigarette Overwrapping Film.
We encountered in the case of heat seal strength is not enough, you can take the above countermeasures, I believe we can help you, we are Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers, welcome to buy Cigarette Overwrapping Film.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film can wrap the goods, the packaging of goods can make the package more stable, it is precisely for this reason, Cigarette Overwrapping Film is widely used, such as hardware, building materials and other industries can be used in the storage of Cigarette Overwrapping Film What should I pay attention to? Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers tell you.
1, in the storage of Cigarette Overwrapping Film, to avoid the sun, rain, and do not use the Cigarette Overwrapping Film suggest that you roll up and save the Cigarette Overwrapping Film, or it will affect the later use of Cigarette Overwrapping Film.
2, Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturers suggest that you should store the Cigarette Overwrapping Film roll placed, do not fold the Cigarette Overwrapping Film, and place the cigarette film storage temperature can not be too high or too low.
3, we also store the cigarette film because it is not used, but if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended that you flip the cigarette film packaging film once in a while to prevent cigarette film sticking.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film applicability, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, super waterproof, it is suitable for export, paper, metal, plastic chemicals, building materials, food packaging industry. Today to introduce the advantages of Cigarette Overwrapping Film:
1, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film adapted to the packaging of various shapes of goods, can be close to the goods, with transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and beautiful, increase the attractive appearance of the product.
2, packaging with cigarettes film packaging products with good hygiene, cleaning, sealing and packaging at the same time dust and moisture.
3, Cigarette Overwrapping Film with shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection performance, packaged goods with tightness and fixedness, small parts will not be in the middle of the package.
4, Cigarette Overwrapping Film can also be used to replace all kinds of cartons, not only save packaging costs, but also in line with the packaging trend.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is a traditional shrink film replacement, mainly for packaging rules and irregular shape of the product, high transparency, good gloss, can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve the sense of the senses, reflecting the high-grade, is widely welcomed. Talk to you today about the Cigarette Overwrapping Film production process:
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is a linear low-density polyethylene and polypropylene (TPP, PPC) as the main raw material, add the necessary additives, the coextrusion blow molding process from. The main is the use of double-bubble process, internationally known as Prandi craft, it is the raw material melt extrusion through different extruders, through the specially designed coextrusion die, the formation of the initial film after the rapid cooling, and then after heating two Inflatable stretch products.

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