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Cigarette Overwrapping Film In Various Industries Within The Application
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Cigarette Overwrapping Film in various industries within the application

Cigarette Overwrapping Film mechanical properties, toughness, strong puncture resistance, is widely used in all walks of life.

Paper tube packaging

This is one of the new uses of Cigarette Overwrapping Film, which is better than the packaging of cigarettes in old-fashioned cartons. Suitable film thickness of 30 ~ 120μm;

Small items are packed

This is the new packaging of cigarettes packaging film, which can reduce the consumption of materials, but also can reduce the storage space of the tray, abroad, this packaging introduced in 1984, only a year later, the market there have been many such packaging , This form of packaging has great potential. Suitable for film thickness of 15 ~ 30μm;

Tube and cable packaging

This is an example of the application of Cigarette Overwrapping Film in special areas. After the packaging equipment is installed in the production line, the fully automatic Cigarette Overwrapping Film can be used as a substitute for the tape and the protective effect. Applicable thickness is 15 ~ 30μm.

The stretched form of the tray mechanism

The packaging of the Cigarette Overwrapping Film must be stretched, and the stretched form of the pallet mechanical package has a direct stretch and pre-stretch. Pre-stretching is divided into two kinds, one is the roll pre-stretching, one is electric stretching.

Direct stretching is done between the tray and the film to complete the stretch. This method has a low draw ratio (about 15% to 20%). If the draw ratio exceeds 55% to 60%, the film yield is reduced, the film width is reduced, Easy to break. And at 60% elongation, the tension is still very large, for light cargo, it is likely to make the goods deformation.

Pre-stretching is done by two rollers. The two rollers of the roll pre-tensioned are joined together by the gear unit. The draw ratio can be different depending on the gear ratio. The tension is generated by the turntable. Since the stretching is generated in the short distance, the friction between the roller and the film And large, so the film does not shrink, the film's original puncture performance is also maintained. The actual stretch does not occur during stretching, reducing the break due to sharp edges or corners, which can increase the draw ratio to 110%.

The pre-tensioning mechanism of electric pre-stretching is the same as that of roll pre-stretching, except that the two rollers are driven by electric force and the tension is completely independent of the rotation of the tray. So the more adaptable, light, heavy, irregular goods are applicable, because the packaging tension is low, so this method pre-stretch rate of up to 300%, greatly reducing the cost of materials to reduce. Suitable for film thickness of 15 ~ 24μm.

Cigarette Overwrapping Film in the summer to show their talents

1, Cigarette Overwrapping Film packaging than shrink packaging to save time, manpower, raw materials.

2, high strength, elastic tension, apply to any shape of the goods. Resistant to puncture, excellent tear resistance, to avoid damage to the items when bundled, with good anti-loose, rain, dust, security and other effects.

3, can use high-performance resin and tackifier, to maximize the user to meet the various needs of different types.

4, can choose single, double-sided, slightly sticky, low viscosity, in the sticky, high viscosity and high product, suitable for all forms of packaging.

Cigarette Overwrapping Film height of the ductility in the summer to play a better effect, and because of its high viscosity can give packaging materials to bring good maintenance effect, it seems that it is not just packaging materials, he also has a maintenance effect, and Coupled with his application range is extremely wide, so we can call it a universal packaging film.