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How To Identify The Quality Of Colored Cigarette Tear Tape
- Oct 12, 2017 -

We all know that the way to identify transparent Cigarette Tear Tape is relatively simple, just look at the Cigarette Tear Tape transparency, thickness and some other appearance can determine the quality of transparent Cigarette Tear Tape. But the colored Cigarette Tear Tape because of the material and color will affect the Cigarette Tear Tape's judgment method, so at this time we will according to Cigarette Tear Tape material to re-positioning, according to the nature to distinguish the quality of colored Cigarette Tear Tape.
Judging methods: 1. Colored glue in the market common colors are yellow, khaki, white and blue vegetables Cigarette Tear Tape, judge the quality of the time we can Cigarette Tear Tape pinch, and then quickly opened, you can side Of the plastic pull off, you can see the purity and transparency of the original film. So that we can determine the purity and transparency of the original film of the Cigarette Tear Tape and then determine the quality of the Cigarette Tear Tape by the thickness of the glue. 2. By judging that we look at the degree of transparency of the adhesive, if the adhesive is not pulled or opened when the point-like, uneven, then it represents a lot of impurities in the adhesive, Cigarette Tear Tape no cohesion, so The quality of the Cigarette Tear Tape is unreliable. Followed by too much moisture in the adhesive, has been volatile, this Cigarette Tear Tape early sticky has dropped very powerful, feel can be resolved.
Cigarette Tear Tape is used in everyday use, but Cigarette Tear Tape is made of substrate and adhesive, and the stickiness is strong. So in a lot of time we remove the Cigarette Tear Tape will find Cigarette Tear Tape there will be a very sticky adhesive, affecting the appearance of the items, and the use of very inconvenient.
1. You can use alcohol to remove the glue, of course, require the sticky place where the Cigarette Tear Tape is relatively smooth, otherwise the rough surface will require us to use some more alcohol. We need to use a soft cloth dip some alcohol, and then repeatedly wipe the surface with glue on it.
2. You can use the wind oil fine addition to glue, in some objects on the surface of the application of wind oil fine, and then wipe with a soft cloth can remove the glue. In the use of the time we need to pay attention to the extent of Cigarette Tear Tape residue, if the glue has been very dry hard, then we first use water to wet, soften, and then apply all kinds of materials needed to get rid of.
3. Use gasoline can also remove the glue, find a soft cloth, and then put a soft cloth on the soft wipe, while in use need to pay attention to some items and gasoline reaction, these items can not use gasoline in addition to the glue.
The above is to remove the remnants of the method, hoping to remove the Cigarette Tear Tape you help.
Cigarette Tear Tape is a very common tool in our lives and is widely used in many industries. Let's take a closer look at Cigarette Tear Tape's use in our lives.
First of all, in the winter, many of us will wear wool coat, but some hair will often sticky hair or pilling. The hair on the hair is very difficult to clean up, but it is very convenient to clean up with the words of the Cigarette Tear Tape. Just cut a Cigarette Tear Tape and stick to your clothes.
Whenever the Spring Festival we have the practice of couplets, before we use the paste, but the paste is not easy to use after the removal, so now people are beginning to use Cigarette Tear Tape bonding.
In life we are not open to electricity, but the wire may be aging, if at this time without insulation Cigarette Tear Tape for maintenance treatment, then there will be immeasurable consequences. In addition to life, learning we will often use, such as books when the tear, we can choose transparent Cigarette Tear Tape paste, will not delay reading. And sometimes write the wrong words, we can also choose Cigarette Tear Tape to wipe the word, in fact, as long as we seriously observe, you will find Cigarette Tear Tape, whether in life or learning have a lot of useful.