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How To Make Cigarette Box In The Packaging Industry
- Aug 11, 2017 -

How to make Cigarette Box in the packaging industry
Non-packaging industry cigarette packs, most of which are telling us how to origami. But for the packaging industry, the Cigarette Box is representative of the mounted beautifully, the printing effect of realistic Cigarette Box. How does it form it? What is the story of a box "born"? Then take you to appreciate the unknown packaging world.
The previous article has written the function of the Cigarette Box, one is the protection of the commodity from the natural function of the other side of the commodity function of the media, that is, his social function.
 Then the next step depends on the cigarette from the material to the finished product process. (Omitted design, box type, paper confirmation)
1. paper, paper storage is a very important work, this one directly to the paper factory on it. We only need to buy paper on demand, printing can be
2. Printing, Cigarette Box is only printed with paper, Biaozhi is not printed, and most are only stained, because the Cigarette Box is outside the Cigarette Box, so the printing process requires a high, the most taboo color differences, Rotten version of these affect the aesthetic shortcomings. But here need to emphasize that although the printing of taboo color differences, but the color as a result of light, display and many other factors, there will be an understanding of 5% color difference.
3. Surface treatment, cigarette packets of paper usually do the surface treatment, the common is the light plastic or dumb rubber. We often see the colorful Cigarette Box are photoresist. UV treatment.
 4. Beer (biē), beer is a more important part of the printing process, to be accurate on the need to be accurate, but if the beer is not allowed, beer partial, beer constantly these will affect the subsequent processing mounted, the usual print First installed after the beer, but the first cigarette is installed after the first beer, one is afraid to bloody paper, the second is to look at the overall beauty of Cigarette Box, cigarette pack Biaozhi must be handmade, which can reach a certain beauty.
    Do you know where the value of a Cigarette Box is? manual. The essence of the Cigarette Box is to complete the machine can not complete the hand, Shenzhen days Ya Paper Products Co., Ltd. 12 years of experience in the production of handmade boxes, so that your products add color.
 At the same time we also see the outside there is a layer of glittering paper, this is the gold cardboard, "gold" in China, a symbol of wealth, we choose the outside of this layer of paper will be selected when the gold card paper and gold special paper. Inside the box of the velvet should be considered the standard configuration of the Cigarette Box design, because health care products are mostly packaged in glass bottles, inner care is essential to the link, and the velvet hold up the effect of complement each other.
From the process point of view, the use of UV matte ink, this ink is called imitation metal etching ink, where the gold cardboard and this ink is a good partner, to print a strong sense of sand, beautiful, elegant, generous, and thus Promotion is extremely fast, just a few years, in the cigarette pack, wine package, cosmetics, health care products and other high-end packaging and printing areas occupy a considerable proportion.
From the design evaluation, but also in many places under the effort. Whether it is the surface of the Cigarette Box, the bottom, and open the inside are printed on the relevant information, while the product name in a number of publicity.
This is very consistent with the design of health care products, because such a high-grade Cigarette Box cost is not cheap, while the Cigarette Box is also an important way to brand promotion.
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