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How To Measure The Durability Of Cigarette Tear Tape?
- Aug 11, 2017 -

How to measure the durability of Cigarette Tear Tape?
   Cigarette Tear Tape is our daily life, tool production, all walks of life in all areas need to use a common product, then how to determine the durability of Cigarette Tear Tape it?
1, adhesive tape durability problem, is required to have its anti-high temperature, anti-cold, light resistance, waterproof, anti-electrical insulation and weather resistance. These requirements vary according to the use of Cigarette Tear Tape in various places. Here to discuss the various types of Cigarette Tear Tape aging problem.
   2, Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturer's production of Cigarette Tear Tape joint aging can be seen as under the influence of external physical conditions, the performance of Cigarette Tear Tape to reduce the performance of a change in the process, such as the emergence of such problems include chemical, physical and The reason for the material itself, in general, the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape is faster than internal aging.
   3, where the physical impact is that under the influence of light and heat conditions, the adhesion of the surface of the Cigarette Tear Tape decreased, exposed to the air speed will be faster, and humidity and heat is the most lasting impact on the durability of Cigarette Tear Tape problems.
In the packaging, each manufacturer must have a very good standard, which can directly see your attitude, so buy packaging Cigarette Tear Tape quality must be careful, we manufacturers packaging Cigarette Tear Tape are optional market On the largest and most expensive, first, more durable, second, expensive should be more quality, as long as the trial can be a few times to know his quality is good or bad!
 Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers have a strict production quality for the products, and Cigarette Tear Tape can be used to seal fixed and protect a variety of products.
    We have the type of Cigarette Tear Tape, specifications, according to the needs and specific conditions, a reasonable choice. In the use of Cigarette Tear Tape, do not make the Cigarette Tear Tape snake or creep, to keep the roller, vertical roller flexibility, tension to moderate. Should be stored in the Treasury tape, to avoid the sun, rain; prohibited with acid and alkali oil organic solvent contact to keep clean and dry; and Cigarette Tear Tape should be placed in volume, not folded, storage time should be repeated once a quarter time.
    Also need to pay attention to is not allowed to different varieties, different specifications models, strength, cloth number of Cigarette Tear Tape connected together to use.
    Cigarette Tear Tape is a special adhesive applied to the ribbon made of the substrate, the following will be produced by the Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers to tell us about its characteristics:
    First, it overcomes the solvent evaporation and the required drying time during structural gel operation, which improves the operating environment. Second, easy to operate, can greatly improve the production efficiency and product aesthetics. Third, too much time to exert pressure to achieve bonding effect. Fourth, after the stripping does not pollute the sticky material, in the wrong time can be re-amended, and can be repeated use. Fifth, flexible, easy to break, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, suitable for food packaging.
 Cigarette Tear Tape is a special type of Cigarette Tear Tape, a special adhesive (pressure sensitive adhesive) made on the tape made of the substrate. By the pressure-sensitive adhesive, substrate, primer, the back of the treatment agent composition. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is the most important component of Cigarette Tear Tape. Its role is to make the Cigarette Tear Tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive properties. Used as the main substrate fabric, plastic film, paper and so on. Bottom glue is to increase the adhesive strength of pressure-sensitive adhesive and substrate. When used, gently press the adhesive tape to adhere to the surface of the sticky material.