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How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Broken Cigarette Tear Tape
- Nov 06, 2017 -

How to prevent the occurrence of broken Cigarette Tear Tape
The production of a wide range of Cigarette Tear Tape products, Cigarette Tear Tape as a closely related with our lives, it is often broken during use, then, how to reduce the occurrence of this situation yet.
First, when you receive the Cigarette Tear Tape, please be careful not to use the knife directly from the middle to open, from both ends of the open, the knife can not be too deep, the thickness of the cardboard box is too thin, under the knife too hard, it will cut to the top The contact with the Cigarette Tear Tape, which has a little bit above the wound, the whole roll scrapped, a pull off, so please unpacking, be careful not to tip or sharp items and Cigarette Tear Tape to avoid contact. Second, during the process of using the Cigarette Tear Tape, the colloid can not be touched by sharp objects. The Cigarette Tear Tape is relatively fragile, so as not to cause any damage.
In addition, the use of Cigarette Tear Tape there is a rule, that is, if we find that in the course of the Cigarette Tear Tape has been cut off from one place, it may be the Cigarette Tear Tape has been damaged.
Transparent Cigarette Tear Tape is made of adhesive and film, how much there will be a glue or glue additive taste, it has a very small poison, but generally will not have an impact on the user, many in the production without masks, Some people use the tape between the teeth snapped, never heard of such poisoning.
Thus, a little smell of high-quality transparent Cigarette Tear Tape is almost negligible, the human body is not hurt; generally we have to look at what is the use of Cigarette Tear Tape, Cigarette Tear Tape packaging there is no ROHS mark, but now basically Environmental protection, only transparent Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers to reduce costs with poor quality glue produced on the smell, if it is a special Cigarette Tear Tape, the normal is not toxic.
For Cigarette Tear Tape, the substrate used is EVA or PE foam, and then coated on one or both sides with a solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then re-made from release paper.
First of all, the Cigarette Tear Tape has a good seal, to avoid gas release and atomization, and its surface has excellent wetting, easy bonding, easy to make, easy to die cutting. Second, it has anti-compression deformation, to ensure long-term protection of accessories shock. Third, it also has flame retardant, does not contain harmful toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute the equipment, the metal is not corrosive. In addition, the Cigarette Tear Tape can be used in a variety of temperature ranges, from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees can be used.
We use Cigarette Tear Tape for a period of time will find that some Cigarette Tear Tape still has good viscosity, and some Cigarette Tear Tape has been rapidly aging. Obviously the same volume of Cigarette Tear Tape, why the life of different symptoms occur? This is caused by the external environment. The reasons that usually lead to the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape are the following:
1. Oxygen, oxygen in the air activity is relatively large, in the case of too much oxygen can easily lead to rapid oxidation of Cigarette Tear Tape.
2. UV: the sun is relatively high temperature, to quickly break down the adhesion material, in addition to our special production of high temperature Cigarette Tear Tape, any Cigarette Tear Tape exposed to sunlight for a long time will gradually lose the viscosity, resulting in the aging of Cigarette Tear Tape.
3. Moisture: When the degree of moisture in the air will also affect the service life of Cigarette Tear Tape, a lot of water and electricity Cigarette Tear Tape in the production have a good waterproof.
4. Bleaching agent, which is the main component of calcium oxide which contains calcium and organic compounds can produce chemical reactions;
5. Plasticizers, whose main function is to soften the plastic, plastic products are mostly containing plasticizers, as time changes, the material itself contains more and more plasticizers, resulting in the aging of the tape of cigarettes .