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Innovation Become The Impetus Of Cigarette Overwrapping Film Packaging Development
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Innovation become the impetus of Cigarette Overwrapping Film packaging development

RuanSu film rendering large-scale development trend. Two-way stretch film, the fastest growing tension membrane speed is 350 ~ 350 m/min, reduces the dependence on abroad; , on the other hand, has been the introduction of new production line put into production in 2003 increased capacity over 100000 tons. Combination of capital and regional advantage.

Innovation become the impetus of Cigarette Overwrapping Film packaging development. Keep BOPP thermal contraction, at the same time to solve the problems of heat sealing and cigarette membrane packing, solves the entries in coated with small coated glue problem, the hole positioning technology, solves the BOPP hot sealing problem. In short, innovation impetus to the progress of the Cigarette Overwrapping Film packaging.

Plastic woven industry overcome various difficulties, made gratifying achievements

Cigarette Overwrapping Film weave and blow molding, color printing, plate-making, composite process, synchronous development, improve the competitiveness in the international market, exports increased, effectively occupy the Asian market.

The rapid development of Cigarette Overwrapping Film weaving machinery, promote the development of knitting products. Since 2003, Cigarette Overwrapping Film wire drawing machine, circular loom and the technical level of equipment, has a different degree of increase, have produced a batch of new products. New type of coating plastic woven bags cylinder inner joint unit has come out, the unit compound, automatic edge cutting waste, positive and negative automatic punching, multicolor printing, shift ruffled and seven word mouth cutting technology six process as a whole, the province province, reduce costs, improve quality. More, on the other hand, the compilation of machinery enterprises face the international market volume increased, by the previous exports to developed countries such as the Philippines, Peru, Jordan, and exports to South Korea, Brazil and the European and American countries, good prospect.

Cigarette Overwrapping Film film polyethylene film (PE), including low density polyethylene film (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) film, film linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Is one of the largest Cigarette Overwrapping Film film, dosage of more than 30% of the total consumption accounted for about film, although the appearance, strength and so on is not very ideal, but it has good toughness, moisture resistance and heat sealing performance, easy processing, moderate price, so the application is very broad. The need for electric spark processing or corona treatment before printing.

Polypropylene (PP) film: points not and two-way stretch film, stretch film not compared with PE stretch film has better transparency, glossiness, moisture resistance, heat resistance and oil resistance; Mechanical strength, tear resistance, durability and wear resistance; And non-toxic, odourless. So it is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other goods packaging. But its cold resistance is poor, brittle when 0-10 ℃, the solid cannot be used for frozen food packaging. High heat resistance and good heat sealing performance, so often used to heat sealing layer of retort pouch.