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Introduction Of Quality Control Index And Detection Method Of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Introduction of Quality Control Index and Detection Method of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
Cigarette Overwrapping Film because of its excellent resistance to moisture and optical properties, wide heat sealing range and high heat sealing strength, reasonable heat shrinkage, good stiffness and many other advantages to become the preferred material for cigarette packaging, and measure the performance of Cigarette Overwrapping Film Good or bad important scale is the smoke film of the test indicators.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film thickness is the basis for laboratory testing of Cigarette Overwrapping Film performance. Uneven thickness will not only affect the tensile strength throughout the smoke film, barrier, etc., will affect the follow-up processing of tobacco film. Smoke film thicker on the performance of the better and very high degree of performance, the package out of the appearance of the appearance of good sense of smoke package, but the high cost. To find the balance of control you need to use high-precision thickness gauge, Labthink blue light CHY-C2 is the accuracy of up to 0.1um laboratory thickness gauge. For thickness testing, it is important to note that it is important to control the deviation in addition to measuring the vertical and horizontal thickness, and generally control it within 3%, while also detecting the thickness of the edge of the cigarette wrap.
In short, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film testing more, the test must be carried out in accordance with the standards, there is no standard but also unified test conditions, so that the data is comparable.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is a very important flexible packaging materials, colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. Bopp heat sealing film surface energy is low, glue or printing before the need for corona treatment. After corona treatment, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film has a good print adaptability, can be color printing and get a beautiful appearance of the effect, which is often used as a composite Cigarette Overwrapping Film surface material.
The production of Cigarette Overwrapping Film is the first high-molecular polypropylene melt through the long head made of sheet or thick film, and then in a dedicated stretching machine, at a certain temperature and set the speed, at the same time or points Steps in the vertical direction (longitudinal, transverse), and subjected to appropriate cooling or heat treatment or special processing (such as corona, coating, etc.) made of Cigarette Overwrapping Film.
In order to get a better overall performance, in the production process is usually a multi-layer composite method of production. BOPP can be compounded with a variety of different materials to meet specific application needs. Such as BOPP can be LDPE (CPP), PE, PT, PO, PVA and other composite get a high degree of gas barrier, moisture, transparent, high, low temperature, resistance to cooking and oil resistance, different composite film can be used in oily food, Food, dry food, dipping food, all kinds of cooked cooked food, monosodium glutamate, pancakes, rice cakes and other packaging.
The coefficient of friction is a measure of the sliding characteristics of the Cigarette Overwrapping Film. The appropriate coefficient of friction is important for the operation of the cigarette package. The Cigarette Overwrapping Film requires a good thermal slip to meet the high speed (400 packs / Rain ~ 600 packets / rain) slip, so that the packaging line can be full speed full of production does not affect.
Uses: mainly used for printing, bag and so on.
Performance: * High definition and gloss * Excellent heat sealing strength * Excellent printing performance * Good antistatic performance and smooth performance.
Common thickness: 20,25,30,40,45μm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 3% (β-ray thickness)
Although the human eye is the best tool for assessing the optical properties of Cigarette Overwrapping Films, it is not enough to rely solely on visual control, because lighting conditions, observer mood, and quantitative control can have an impact. In order to achieve reliable quality assurance, the need to use objective, measurable parameters to quantify the appearance, gloss and haze is the quantitative Cigarette Overwrapping Film optical performance of the two important indicators.