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Performance Characteristics Of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Performance characteristics of Cigarette Overwrapping Film
  Cigarette Overwrapping Film as the most out of the packaging, the brand positioning is particularly conspicuous, in addition to meet the storage needs of cigarettes, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film to meet the performance characteristics of what?
  1, to meet the different hood, packaging speed and wide heat sealing range of the smooth walk in the 100 ~ 600 bags / min machine speed to complete the winding, cutting, paper, folding, heat sealing and transport, and even Intermittent parking, start the whole process.
  2, the better effect of the bag, mainly refers to the Cigarette Overwrapping Film on the cigarette bag leather card and the film relative to the cigarette pack folded from the rules of the geometry.
  3, a long fragrance, mildew change cycle, to prevent the smoke absorption of cigarettes, to prevent the loss of tobacco aroma, that is, smaller oxygen permeability, with good barrier.
  4, better at the end of the effect and visual attraction, to ensure a lower haze and higher gloss.
  5, to prevent storage, transport process due to grinding whitening fog, with a good surface wear-resistant flowers, resistance to chemical properties.
  6, the stability of the shape of a longer period of time to keep the package of crisp formation, does not occur relaxation, wrinkling or excessive shrinkage caused by cigarette package deformation and so on. For the hard package, the need to have a certain degree of retraction, the flexible packaging, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film to maintain the size of the stability, does not appear loose or due to late shrinkage caused by excessive cigarette packet deformation.
  7, in line with the processing and consumption of environmental protection and health requirements, including: packaging heating process does not produce harmful gases (on the film material requirements), shelf display to prevent the adsorption of dust (smaller surface accumulation of charge) , After the consumption of environmental issues
  Today's Xiaobian to tell you about the packaging process of cigarette packaging should pay attention to the matter, hoping to be able to help everyone.
  1, want to achieve the best results, the material surface must be clean and dry. It is recommended that the 1: 1 ratio of the mixture of Sunda propanol and water for manual paint spray gun surface cleaning, until the water is completely evaporated, the surface is completely dry. In the case of
  2, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film affixed to the surface of the material to drum or other means to impose an average of about 1.05 kg / cm2 pressure, so that the effective fit. In the case of
  3, follow the Cigarette Overwrapping Film from point to line to face contact with the surface of the fit way. The use of plastic scraper or roller, in order to fit the pressure of the fit, should ensure that the pressure has been applied to the UV uv lamp plastic surface, only to contact with the glue in order to avoid air into the coating.
  4, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film release paper tear, if in the previous step, to ensure that there is no glue between the glue and the presence of stickers, you can ensure that no bubbles will occur, and then need to paste the material paste, the same application 1.05 kg / cm2 pressure, so that the effective perfect fit, if you want to remove the bubble, it is recommended to increase the pressure to the limit of the items to the upper limit. In the case of
  5, it is recommended that the normal and ideal of a construction temperature is between 15 ℃ to 38 ℃, not less than 10 ℃. In the case of
  6, to keep the Cigarette Overwrapping Film to use when still has a stable quality, the proposed storage environment for 21 ℃ relative humidity. In the case of
  7, the proposed use of non-substrate Cigarette Overwrapping Film, the processing of cutting the shape of the edge of the Cigarette Overwrapping Film should not be re-contact, in order to avoid the situation of glue residue
Cigarette Overwrapping Film is the most simple polymer organic compounds, the world's most widely used polymer materials. Cigarette Overwrapping Film is a special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the substrate, according to the different density can be divided into high-density polyethylene Cigarette Overwrapping Film, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. The biggest advantage of the packaging of cigarettes is the protection of the product in the production and processing, transportation, storage and use of the process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, to protect the original bright and clean glossy surface, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness The
  1, not with glue Cigarette Overwrapping Film is the inner layer of EVA material, it has its own adsorption function, multi-layer blown film machine will be able to make such a product.
  2, it is in the process of filming corona treatment, the film to increase the surface area and to bring static electricity to meet the needs of the back of the glue, is conducive to the combination of glue and film; At present, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film is divided into three categories: Glue water and oily pressure-sensitive glue, there is a non-glue packaging film. At the same time electrostatic film is divided into two kinds: First, the main mode of machine mode output, there is co-extruded blown film machine production, the other is co-extruded casting machine production. Their electrostatic formula ingredients are different, out of the product quality and price are different, the price level of low-grade Cigarette Overwrapping Film will make electrostatic components transferred to the product surface, resulting in product failure and scrapped.