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Plug Wrap Industry Has Great Potential For Development Trend Is Obvious
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Plug Wrap industry has great potential for development trend is obvious
In recent years, in the Plug Wrap industry, Plug Wrap plant development potential of the largest and most rapid, and now has been widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, cosmetic, electronics, toys, makeup products and people's lives are closely related areas, and with With the increase in population, demand is also infinite expansion. It can be seen that after the Plug Wrap will be more elements to make it more beautiful, such as flower-style plug box, color plug box and so on these fresh words and fresh stuff blowing.
In today's daily life, the development of many industries, each area of the expansion will be with the progress of society, the population increase in the demand for Plug Wrap will be more and more, more and more. But also on the quality, appearance, shape, price, design and other aspects of more and more critical. So the Plug Wrap industry will be forced to develop the community. After only a competitive, powerful Plug Wrap company in this society can be foothold in order to meet the requirements of society.
From the current market demand for crimping Plug Wrap, but also with the country to promote domestic demand to promote the policy of good consumer driven, the domestic retail market and sales trends will be a clear upward trend, for the Plug Wrap industry Said it can be said that the next few years the big market.
So many investors are prepared to develop in this area, but if there is not enough strength and experience, with the quality of life of the people of the country to enhance the people's pursuit of the pursuit of quality, blind access will only be quickly after the social market out The
Plug Wrap industry combined with industrial restructuring, will be more in the product consumption reduction, structural optimization, variety improvement, quality improvement and competitiveness of the enhanced reflected. In line with consumer upgrades, technological progress and sustainable development of products will accelerate growth. China will be in the high-grade Plug Wrap raw and auxiliary materials and high-grade machinery and equipment imports to give enough attention.
Innovation has become the driving force for the development of plastic Plug Wrap. Maintain the heat shrinkage of BOPP, at the same time to solve the heat sealing and cigarette film Plug Wrap problems, to solve the middle of the film and the film of the adhesion of the film, the use of hole positioning technology to solve the BOPP heat sealing problem. In short, innovation has become the driving force for the development of plastic Plug Wrap.
With the accelerated pace of life, can be directly used for microwave heating food Plug Wrap into the field of Plug Wrap development of new hot spots. As the current aluminum foil and some plastic composite materials made of the Plug Wrap is opaque, easy to recover, and can not be used for the shortcomings of microwave processing, in recent years developed the plating of SiOx materials can be used as a substitute. SiOx is a thin layer of silicon oxide plated on PET, PA, PP and other substrates, which not only have better barrier properties, but also have excellent atmospheric environmental adaptability. Its barrier properties are almost immune to environmental humidity and temperature changes. SiOx coating has high barrier, high microwave permeability, transparency, can be used for microwave processing of food soft Plug Wrap, can also be made of beverage and edible oil Plug Wrap containers, China has begun to apply. SiOx coating cost is higher, large-scale production technology is not perfect, but because of its special performance, will become the important plug of this century packaging materials.