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Proper Use Of Cigarette Tear Tape
- Jun 23, 2017 -

Proper use of Cigarette Tear Tape
 The invention and use of Cigarette Tear Tape has brought great convenience to our life. With the increase of market demand in the past two years, Linyi Cigarette Tear Tape Manufacturers have continuously improved the production process, improved the production efficiency, followed the market supply and the times Claim. But the Cigarette Tear Tape from storage to use need to follow a certain rules to get the best results, then the next to understand the next.
1, Cigarette Tear Tape should be deposited into the Treasury, to avoid the sun, rain; prohibited with acid and alkali oil organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry, from the discovery device 1m outside the room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
2, Cigarette Tear Tape should be placed in volume, not folded, storage time should be repeated once a quarter time.
3, loading and unloading conveyor belt is best to use the crane, and with a rigging rope with a smooth lifting, to avoid damage with the edge, not arrogant loading and unloading, causing loose roll sets.
4, the type of Cigarette Tear Tape, specifications according to the needs and specific conditions, a reasonable choice.
5, not to different varieties, different specifications models, strength, cloth number of Cigarette Tear Tape connection (with group) together.
6, the conveyor belt is best to use hot vulcanized adhesive, in order to improve reliability, maintain a high effective strength.
7, cleanliness is the basic conditions for good operation of Cigarette Tear Tape, foreign matter will affect the belt eccentricity, tension differences, and even broken.
8, the use of cigarettes found in the early damage to the phenomenon, it should promptly find the reasons, repair, to avoid the emergence of adverse consequences.
Although the Cigarette Tear Tape is a daily life can be seen in a class of items, but its life is often not as good as people wish. Linyi Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers said that this is due to the aging of Cigarette Tear Tape. What is the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape, which causes the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape, the following with you simply share the next.
    1, oxygen, due to the oxygen content in the air accounted for 21%, while the oxygen has accelerated the characteristics of material oxidation, activity is very heavy, resulting in rapid oxidation of Cigarette Tear Tape, resulting in Cigarette Tear Tape "old". But when we paste the tape when the Cigarette Tear Tape do not let bubbles appear on the bubble can, of course, for breathable Cigarette Tear Tape, this factor is inevitable.
2, ultraviolet (sunlight), ultraviolet light with high temperature characteristics can quickly decompose viscous material, long exposure to sunlight in the Cigarette Tear Tape will be its decomposition, resulting in Cigarette Tear Tape aging. We look at place of use of Cigarette Tear Tape and see that we can not let thing is exposed to sunlight.
3, plasticizer, its main function is to soften the plastic, and most of the plastic products are containing plasticizers, with the transformation of time, the substance itself will contain more and more plasticizer, resulting in Cigarette Tear Tape Aging and so on. In the above factors under the influence of various factors, will lead to deterioration of the Cigarette Tear Tape, softening, curing, loss of stickiness.
4, metal, especially brass or rust, in the daily life of any organic compounds and metals, especially metal, especially brass or rust chemical reaction, and Cigarette Tear Tape contains organic compounds, resulting in Cigarette Tear Tape aging The Many metal will paste the protective film of the Cigarette Tear Tape, or some parts need to use, which need to pay attention to the use of Cigarette Tear Tape, and avoid the cause of the Cigarette Tear Tape due to the loss of parts or even more serious situation.