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Solution Is Analysed Cigarette Overwrapping Film The Some Solution To The Problem Of Environmental Protection
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Solution is analysed Cigarette Overwrapping Film the some solution to the problem of environmental protection

With the rapid development of plastic products in China, the environmental protection of plastic products has become a topic of discussion on human characteristics. So to Cigarette Overwrapping Film, Film and other plastic products, led by the plastic has the serious influence to our living environment. Here, the Cigarette Overwrapping Film technical director wanted to talk to the broad masses of friends we Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturer is how to solve the Cigarette Overwrapping qualities of environmental problem.
We conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film manufacturer in order to enhance competitiveness in the industry, our Cigarette conghua Overwrapping Film in the process of production to conform to the requirements of the harmless, free from contamination and environmental protection, and until the recycling and utilization of waste, to achieve national environmental standards. So conghua Cigarette Overwrapping Film can do real environmental protection and its low prices, good quality, so the Cigarette conghua Overwrapping Film extensive use by people in all walks of life.
1, light decomposition type Cigarette Overwrapping qualities
This type of Cigarette Overwrapping Film in the production of the production process is added to the photosensitive groups, and add a photosensitive groups is to every other distance in the polymer chain can be added. So such PECigarette Overwrapping Film under artificial light is a safe and stable. But when exposed to sunlight, it breaks down the polymer chain because it absorbs too much energy and eventually causes the plastic to break down.
2, biodegradable plastic Cigarette Overwrapping qualities
This type of Cigarette Overwrapping qualities is to add some groups in the production of polymer chain, promote in the air, or is in the soil biological decomposition of Cigarette Overwrapping qualities, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection.
1, in the production of Cigarette Overwrapping Film in the process, must clean Film head, at the same time to avoid burning plastic into Film.
2. When we are making a paper tube, make sure the paper tube is in it to avoid a long and short.
3, good production Cigarette Overwrapping qualities, the next job is to the Cigarette Overwrapping Film packing, this time must be careful not to collide, prevent Cigarette Overwrapping Film edge was broken.
(4), in terms of aesthetics, must reduce wrinkles and prevent Cigarette on the surface of the Overwrapping Film appear white compact line in the middle.
Cigarette Overwrapping Film sealed containers are often used to make fresh food to maintain a longer period of time. Plastic packaging usually sells tip volumes in a box, with a lot of smooth surfaces, which keeps a container of open adhesives or other equipment tight. General trademarks in Australia and New Zealand are happy to be used in packaging, while clingfilm has become a common use in North America. Cling Film by polyvinyl chloride was the first Cigarette Overwrapping vinyl Film that is still the most common material. Low density polyethylene is a safer and more secure market share for home use. Some governments worry about the impact of PVC on the environment, which is toxic and unrecyclable. However, PVC still provides excellent food and beverage introduction on the shelf as its tensile properties. Even so, some countries have banned the use of PVC baby toys and food contact.
Cold drinks packaging is high-grade direction development, not only requires every performance of packaging products meet quality requirements, maintain metamorphic phenomenon, content as well as the relevant materials such as film, printing ink, compound adhesive is also put forward higher request. Cigarette Overwrapping Film in our country, the development of history is not long, but the packaging needs of developing very quickly. At present, the market of snow, yili and other brands of cold drink packaging products is a good example. Cigarette Overwrapping qualities and is now the leading role of packaging, mainly due to the material good barrier property, at the same time because of the thin Film material in the actual production process to add a certain amount of CaCO3 and pearl pigment, which has some pearl effect, adornment sex is very strong.