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The Method Of Packing Hard Cigarettes
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Cigarette Box The method of packaging a hard cigarette pack is found to be effective for use as a packaging machine for manufacturing a pack of cigarettes comprising a cartridge body and a housing disposed coaxially with respect to the cartridge body, wherein two smaller sides or sides Consisting of two pairs of longitudinal sides, which are overlapped and glued together.

  In a conventional packaging machine, the continuous manufacturing process of a continuous cigarette case is to send the diced wrapper and each group of cigarettes wrapped in a sheet of paper together in a predetermined first direction along the A direction of feeding, in each group of cigarettes around the material will gradually fold to a certain extent made of semi-finished product packets, that is, one side of each pair of longitudinal sides of the cigarette on the edge from the unfinished box and The front surface of the lid protrudes and the other side of each pair is bent at right angles. The semi-finished packets are moved along the first path to the transfer station in this state, and their longitudinal sides are horizontally placed. By means of the transfer device, each end face of the packets is axially sucked and the transfer device is arranged to cross The first feeding direction and alternately moving in a second direction transverse to the first direction.

  Cigarette Box Thereafter, each of the semi-finished packets is repositioned so that the respective longitudinal sides are parallel to the second direction and the packets are directed to the second path, which extends through the adhesive station where the glue acts on the selected portion , And then through the folding station, where the prominent side inward bent at right angles and stick to the front folded side, so complete the cigarette case.

  Traditionally, the transfer of each packet from the first path to the second path is achieved by attaching the end of the box and the lid at the same time and thus applying a rigid constraint to the semi-finished cigarette pack, first because The opposite blanks tend to spring back to their original plane state and can not be wiped by the glue applied to the points on the inside of the box body, and the cover is not completely opened and can not be opened on any part of it Accept the glue.

  Cigarette Box The methods outlined above show some drawbacks, mainly due to the transfer of packets between the first and second paths, since the transfer device is relatively slow compared to the corresponding conveyor and tends to be in a Obviously discontinuous way to attract a single cigarette, at least not to make the transfer operation faster. In addition, because of the intermittent operation, this defective transfer device can not exceed the given maximum output speed, because beyond the design of the maximum speed, caused by vibration, will damage the structure and the overall reliability of the machine.

  It is an object of the present invention to provide a packaging method which is not affected by the above-mentioned drawbacks.

  Cigarette Box The method of packaging the inventive hard cigarette case achieves the object of the present invention, each of which has a cartridge body, a lid, the lid position is coaxially aligned with the box body in the first longitudinal axis of the packet And a longitudinal side parallel to the first axis which protrudes laterally from the front surface of the cartridge body and the front surface of the cover. In particular, the method comprises the step of feeding a single packet along a first predetermined feed path and a first predetermined feed direction, the corresponding longitudinal sides of each pack being perpendicular to the first direction; from the first A transport path to a second predetermined feed path; a step of transporting the packets in a second direction along a second path, the corresponding longitudinal sides of each pack being parallel to the second direction, the sequence of steps An auxiliary step of attaching an adhesive on each of the side side portions and an auxiliary step of bending the side face at a right angle with respect to the corresponding front surface; characterized in that the transfer from the first feed path to the second feed path The process is carried out by rotating the packet 90 ° about the respective second axis perpendicular to the front surface, and the transfer process comprises the use of a head catch that moves between the first and second paths An auxiliary process for holding a box of cigarettes and a cover, and a device which allows the box body and the corresponding lid to be rigidly connected to each other