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The Role Of Cigarette Paper
- Jun 02, 2017 -

 Cigarette Tipping Paper The role of cigarette paper, 20 years ago, cigarette paper only played a major role in the 5000-6000 / min cigarette machine roll wrapped tobacco, making it a kind of strong tobacco. Since the implementation of the regulations on tar limits in Europe, the permeability and flammability of cigarette paper has become a major quality indicator. Therefore, these two quality indicators have become the core of any cigarette paper technical specifications. Today, cigarette paper must be full of a variety of functions, such as to meet the requirements of the taste at the same time, must also be brand image to provide exquisite appearance support. In addition, the United States requires cigarettes without fire (fire-safe), obviously, this is a more unique requirement. The design of cigarettes is intended for aspiration and suffers from the smokers. According to the latest law in New York, cigarettes can not ignite any other items in the room, once the suction must be immediately extinguished. However, the New York State Fire Department, which is responsible for setting fire standards, has not yet developed any test standards and eligibility criteria. The deadline for the entry into force of the law is January 1, 2003, and the transition period is 180 days.

  Cigarette designers have many programs to reduce the tendency of cigarettes. Tobacco formula itself and the geometry of cigarettes have an important effect on the tendency of cigarettes to fire, but changing the design of cigarettes can cause the attention of consumers. Thus, the cigarette industry is preferred to be visually imperceptible, Acceptably change the cigarette. Cigarette paper is the preferred solution to meet these prerequisites, and cigarette paper solutions are also involved in all aspects.

  1, to eliminate the fire tendency

  Cigarette Tipping Paper The airtight cigarette paper with a uniform non-pinhole low air permeability (4 to 10 cu) can reduce the ignition tendency to any desired level, which contains a variety of different amounts of combustion and flame retardants. The drawback of this approach is that the amount of flue gas is greatly increased, which must be offset by a high filter ventilation, and the cost is high and the odor characteristics of the cigarettes are changed.

  The printsolution provides a range of methods for controlling the tendency to fire. By selecting the appropriate bandwidth, the tape spacing and the amount of flame retardant used to achieve good adjustment. The flavor of the additive used to control the burning rate must be verified by the consumer and must be non-toxic. Load and cost will affect the large-scale application of this program, in addition, there are online process solutions, that is, any program applied on the paper machine. Small-scale industrial trials have confirmed the feasibility of applying equipment, and the use of test paper-rolled cigarettes shows a characteristic that can well control the tendency of fire and can be improved in any desired manner.

  The European tobacco industry is also facing new challenges, that is, since January 1, 2004, all cigarettes produced and sold in the EU must comply with the new requirements for the maximum amount of ingredients: Tar: 10mg, nicotine: 1mg (previously not specified) , C0: 10mg (previously not specified); by 2007, all produced in the EU and exports to non-European countries, cigarettes must meet these new standards. Every European cigarette manufacturer is studying this subject, both in the construction of different production lines, are in the different product design, from the leaf group recipe changes to the improvement of the cigarette structure. The use of filter ventilation makes it easy to adjust the amount of tar to the desired level, and to adjust the amount of c0 to a limited level, additional adjustments must be made, including adjustments for cigarette paper specifications (air permeability and combustion improver) The Software programs that simulate the interaction of various cigarette components, such as tools developed by wto research firms, can significantly reduce the number of tests to reduce flue gas.

  2, and fake, stained cigarettes to fight

  Counterfeit cigarettes, especially in the Far East, have a tendency to spread. Some of the small cigarettes concealed in the rudimentary coffers usually produce these counterfeit cigarettes, and in some cases these fake cigarettes are almost true and false. These counterfeit cigarettes are as difficult to deal with as counterfeit money. One way to identify originals and identify genuine products is to make watermarks on banknotes or cigarette paper. From a technical point of view, any product can be copied, but copying a special watermark is more difficult and the production costs are higher. The use of watermarks, consumers themselves can distinguish the true and false products.

  Stains are also a problem for cigarette manufacturers to headaches. Cigarette production, storage and sale of cigarettes in high temperature and humid climates, after storage for a short period of time on the shelves, tend to have some spots on the surface of the cigarette paper, which is caused by the transfer of tobacco ingredients and fragrances. These are caused by the transfer of tobacco ingredients and flavors on the formation of brown spots and dark spots, will make consumers mistakenly believe that the cigarettes with this stain is not clean, or the second smoke, and that the product is not fresh in conclusion. The solution is to coat the cigarette paper on-line or offline with a layer of impermeable material to slow down the infiltration process. These spots can be identified by gas chromatography / mass spectrometry, since understanding the nature of spots is a prerequisite for designing anti-osmotic cigarette paper.

  3, reduce the sidestream smoke problem

  Cigarette Tipping Paper The generation of side-run flue gas is very complex in itself, and there is no consistent measurement standard for the tobacco industry and management, and can be measured or measured as a visible part of the flue gas. In the past 20 years, the cigarette industry has been keen to solve the political problems and operational problems of low-side flue gas cigarettes. The tobacco industry has made every effort to please non-smokers without reducing the quality of cigarette products. Form - low-side flue gas cigarettes for single and double cigarette paper. The experimental results show that the double-layer roll structure is better than the single-layer structure, and the magnesium salt-based special packing (combined with low air permeability and high volume) is the main component of the cigarette paper to reduce the sidestream smoke. However, in the case of maintaining the same flavor characteristics, the use of low-side flue gas design instead of ordinary design of cigarettes is still a miracle of the cigarette industry to be completed.