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Three Cigarette Box Packaging Design Principles
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Three Cigarette Box packaging design principles
Learn the design steps of Cigarette Box, see so many creative packaging abroad or choose your favorite product Cigarette Box packaging. First of all Cigarette Box packaging design is not a geometric patchwork. Nor imaginative imagination. The reason for this is that in the design principles of Cigarette Box, medium and small packages are best formed from a single sheet of paper to reduce the amount of sticking and joining. The next step is more specific packaging design principles
I will illustrate Cigarette Box packaging design principles from three different perspectives including overall design, structural design, and decorating design.
First, the overall design principles
1. The overall design should satisfy the consumer's habit of first observing the main upholstery of the Cigarette Box package when deciding to purchase.
2. Meet the custom of own Cigarette Box products to provide consumers with the most visual impact during the display of windows, shelf displays and other promotional activities.
3. To meet the majority of consumers with the right to open Cigarette Box cover habit. Here is a little explanation, the right to open Cigarette Box cover refers to the world box and display box. But refers to the book type box (not sure about the packaging industry as a flip box) and folding box. Just like the feeling of turning a book.
Second, the principle of structural design
1. Folding The Cigarette Box connector should be attached to the rear panel, in particular, to the end panel that can be glued to the back panel, and generally not to the front panel or the end panel that can be bonded to the front panel.
2. Cigarette Box covers should be attached to the back panel.
3. The Cigarette Box main base should normally be attached to the front panel. In this way, when the consumer looks squarely at the Cigarette Box package, no appearance defects due to the connection or inconvenience of contents pickup caused by opening the box cover backward are not observed.
Perfume box Third, decorating design principles
Original decoration means "utensils or appearance of goods" "modification" (from Xinhua Dictionary)
The main upholstery is the one that is first shown to the consumer
1. Cigarette Box packaging main decoration should be designed in Cigarette Box front plate or cover, indicating that the text and the minor pattern design in the end plate or back plate.
2. When the Cigarette Box is to be erected, the upholstery should take into account the position of the top and bottom covers. The overall graphic is with the cover up, the bottom down, and the open position at the top, such as the perfume package on the right.
3. When the Cigarette Box package needs to be displayed horizontally, the decorating surface should consider the consumer's habit of using the right hand to open the whole graphic with the left end up, the right end down and the open position at the right end.
To sum up these three design principles is to allow consumers to fancy, but also to allow consumers to use smoothly. Cigarette Box packaging design do not let consumers look uncomfortable, with uncomfortable.
We can see that the Cigarette Box in the above figure has a book box type box for consumers to pick up. At the same time, this Cigarette Box not only designed the design draft of the outer box, but also made a design document for each individual box that holds the dumplings. The entire design color is comfortable and adds a great deal of color to the product.