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Water Pine Paper Development
- Feb 27, 2017 -

In recent years, the Cork in the functions and purposes there is a great deal of development and innovation. Tobacco plants the use of tipping paper is not limited to simple packaging, more decorative, for water pine paper printing aesthetics have higher requirements.

Meanwhile, with the growing of the environmental health of cigarette, on the one hand punch-tipping paper is developing rapidly, particularly laser drilling in their heyday (perforationtippingpaper) and favored by the tobacco factory, the tar in tobacco industry played an important role in the project. The other hand, the food hygiene requirements of the Cork itself is increasingly valued by the tobacco factory.

Now, water pine paper printing process uses a lot of chemicals, such as ink, paint, solvent, these materials may be quite harmful to human health. Due to the direct contact water pine paper with smokers, so water pine paper printing inks and coatings must be nontoxic, in line with food hygiene requirements, and have a certain degree of water resistance and wet strength.