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Water Pine Paper In China
- Feb 27, 2017 -

Tipping paper in China has developed rapidly in recent years, on the function and the use of a great deal of development and innovation. Tobacco factory on the use of tipping paper is not limited to packaging, pay more attention to the decorative, for water pine paper printing aesthetics have higher requirements. Water pine paper from a single development to a polychromatic variety of monochrome and multicolor product percentage is increasing. Varieties, now printing tipping paper exceeded that of the coating yew paper market. Calls for environmental health as cigarettes are high, as lower tar content, an important means of reducing the hazards of smoking, xerographic and laser-tipping paper is developing rapidly, particularly laser drilling of tipping paper to become important in the future development direction. In addition, the Cork is also some cigarette factory as anti-counterfeiting technology, used in anti-counterfeiting of cigarettes.