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What Exactly Are You Designing Cigarette Box?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

What exactly are you designing Cigarette Box?

The Cigarette Box design customized as Cigarette Box, in terms of Cigarette Box the circulation of products on the market at present, investigate its essence behind the phenomenon, basically did not meet diversified demands in the modern market marketing and promotion. From the product side's self-appeal to the self-assertion of the designer, all the display has not achieved the design height with the creativity of The Times.
Innovation, entrepreneurship, and the guest of the s, a variety of product research and development ideas emerge in endlessly, the demand of all kinds of customized Cigarette Box is constant, so we mentioned in an article before: product of Cigarette Box industry overall market demand is constantly rising, yet 90% of Cigarette Box printing enterprise carry on to the brink of collapse. This topic in today to share the theme of the temporarily not for, from the perspective of market insight, only products with Cigarette Box side the only only one objective: common products in the fierce competition in the market come to the fore, thus to achieve goods sold!
The material used in mold injection is mainly PET, PC material, and PMMA. PET materials are the most used, and there are many kinds of PET materials in the market. There are many kinds of PET materials in the market. If the original printed material did not perform some necessary tests, it would lead to no adhesion between the film and the ink, resulting in a series of futile processes. It is suggested that the customers of injection molding in mold should first test the material after using different batch number of materials.
For example: use the adhesion test of ink to test whether the ink has attachment on this material. The temperature of the material can be subjected to the temperature of the injection mold.
In fact in the best way to ink adhesion test is with UV ink directly to test, the industry generally UV ink must be treated with easy adhesion will be printed on the material adhesion, if the UV printing ink adhesion on this material, solvent ink printing on material won't have a problem.
Typically, customers do a design, often for a variety of reasons. Sometimes is to launch a new product, sometimes it is for the replacement of the original ones for its products was improved, no matter design motives, fully understand the demand of consumer is indispensable, which requires the design of the project team, on the market have a certain understanding.
For example, if the customer introduces a new product, it will study the target market, how to design the corresponding design plan for the target consumers. If the new product is updated, then the original brand Cigarette Box will need to be inherited. Design of products, it is to develop a new market is increasingly declining sales in order to reverse the situation, how the products sales, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what needs to be reference in the design of existing strengths and weaknesses. In short, the more accurate the customer situation, the more accurate the practice positioning, the better the final design effect.
"Beauty" is not the only criterion for a good Cigarette Box, the grade of the material of high-grade or not and can't decide the design, the magnificent coat package on some goods are not suitable for, too make public the value of a Cigarette Box, often cannot get consumer recognition, also, the high quality product, inferior Cigarette Box could not achieve the desired effect of market. Only according to different stages, different locations, different age and level of consumption, make a targeted Cigarette Box, is the excellent Cigarette Box design. Therefore, the evaluation of a Cigarette Box should be evaluated objectively. The suitability of its products should be based on the suitability of its products, and the market status should not be determined by the aesthetic judgment of the individual.