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What Is The Cause Of The Break When The Cigarette Tear Tape Is In Use?
- Sep 04, 2017 -

What is the cause of the break when the Cigarette Tear Tape is in use?
  First of all, the Cigarette Tear Tape in the out of the box when you need to pay attention to the box when the box outside the Cigarette Tear Tape can not use the tool in the middle part of the open, when the knife can not be too deep, otherwise the tool will hit the Cigarette Tear Tape Cause damage. And Cigarette Tear Tape in the course of the use of attention should not be sharp objects contact, Cigarette Tear Tape is more fragile, try not to damage.
 Cigarette Tear Tape is an indispensable item in our daily life, many places need to use, but we buy in the Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers, we must pay attention to distinguish it from the quality.
    There are two criteria for the quality of the glue used in the Cigarette Tear Tape. One is the initial tack and the other is the holding force. The two are inversely proportional. Under normal circumstances the viscosity of less than 10 of the Cigarette Tear Tape, glue coating is relatively small, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery Cigarette Tear Tape, ordinary promotional bundled Cigarette Tear Tape. And the normal closure of the adhesive tape early adhesion between 15-20, the thickness of this Cigarette Tear Tape glue generally 22-28 microns. Most of the Cigarette Tear Tape on the market is mixed with impurities, so the thickness will increase, to cover impurities, the glue is also mixed with toner, so transparent Cigarette Tear Tape appeared egg yolk, light green, and this Cigarette Tear Tape are generally low quality.
    Through these aspects, we have to distinguish the quality of Cigarette Tear Tape, to avoid the purchase of inferior products, in the future use of the problem will arise.
Cigarette Tear Tape wholesale is generally a lot of, and if some of the Cigarette Tear Tape temporarily used, then we should pay attention to a reasonable storage, so as not to affect the use of performance.
    Note that when you can not fold the Cigarette Tear Tape, you must put the Cigarette Tear Tape into a roll to place, if the storage time is too long, you need to flip the Cigarette Tear Tape once every quarter. Also note that, can not be different specifications models, varieties, strength and the number of layers of Cigarette Tear Tape mixed use, should be placed in the Treasury, to avoid cigarette tire received sun and rain. Another important point is to keep the cleanliness of the Cigarette Tear Tape, so as to avoid the use of the time to decline.
    In peacetime, if you find the Cigarette Tear Tape with damaged traces, be sure to find out the reasons and a reasonable repair, give full play to the role of Cigarette Tear Tape.
 When you receive the packaging Cigarette Tear Tape, please note that you can not use the knife directly from the middle of the open, from both ends of the open, the knife can not be too deep, the thickness of the carton is very thin, too hard, Contact with the packaging of Cigarette Tear Tape, which has a little bit on the knife wound, the whole volume on the scrapped, and a pull on the broken, so please you in the open box, pay attention to try to avoid the tip or sharp objects and packaging cigarettes tape contact The In the use of packaging cigarettes tape process, the colloid can not be subject to the kind of contact, packaging cigarettes tape is more fragile, try not to damage.
 Cigarette Tear Tape wholesale Cigarette Tear Tape product types are many, and its surface adhesive also have a variety of, so a variety of brands of Cigarette Tear Tape performance and strength on the different.
    Because the occurrence of Cigarette Tear Tape sticking is due to the moisture content of the adhesive on the surface of the Cigarette Tear Tape, it is a part of the adhesive tape after the adhesive is infiltrated into the adhesive and dried to make the Cigarette Tear Tape become part of the adhesive. Of the micropores for the choice of Cigarette Tear Tape is very important, if the microporous or more absorbent, then the need to use adhesive quickly condense of the Cigarette Tear Tape, and vice versa with a slower cohesive Cigarette Tear Tape, or Contains more adhesive tape. Cigarette Tear Tape in the bottom coated with adhesive, usually to dry and then finished into a roll, if the sticky Cigarette Tear Tape is too wet, the Cigarette Tear Tape itself will be very tight together, in use is difficult to open, and some simply can not use.
    If it is for the hard objects on the surface of the stickers traces, we can use oil-free nail polish on the surface of the object, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.