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What Is The Cause Of The Cigarette Box?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

What is the cause of the Cigarette Box?
    Cigarette Box manufacturers of products can be a lot of products for bonding, many users in the use of time will find some Cigarette Boxes will appear from the upturned, that this is caused by the quality of the Cigarette Box, in fact, cause a lot of cigarettes because there are many reasons , Let's take a closer look!
    Cigarette Box is not big enough sticky cigarettes box Alice the most obvious, the most important reason, some low-quality Cigarette Box manufacturer's Cigarette Box sticky little, or even non-stick situation, so we have to know how to buy cigarettes , To avoid the emergence of inferior products, while the Cigarette Box manufacturers have to regular operation, the supply of high-quality cigarettes, so as to more long-term presence in the market; labeling machine pressure roller pressure is also a Cigarette Box is one of the reasons, Is the problem in the production process.
    So the Cigarette Box manufacturers in the process of suppressing the Cigarette Box to master the appropriate pressure roller, select the appropriate glue material, so as to ensure that its use does not appear Alice reasons!
  For the Cigarette Box factory direct product purchase, we need to understand there are many, including the vulcanization of the cigarette case bonding conditions, which for our use is still very large, specifically including the curing temperature, curing pressure and curing time, the following Let's take a closer look.
    Curing the vulcanization temperature of the vulcanized rubber is the optimum temperature of the vulcanization reaction under certain conditions, which is one of the most important control conditions in the rubber vulcanization process. Vulcanization pressure is also an important condition for the vulcanization of cigarette packets. The pressure in the vulcanization process can improve the density and adhesion of the core layer and the compound, the gas inside the joint, eliminate the bubbles, promote the flow of the compound, and quickly fill The bonding surface of the core layer, and the adhesion strength of the adhesive surface of the cigarette case joint and the anti-entrapment performance of the cigarette case.
    Of course, the vulcanization of the bonding process must be completed through a certain period of time, the length of the vulcanization time must be achieved when the vulcanization of the curing effect, too short will cause sulfur, over time lead to too long sulfur.
Cigarette Box factory direct sales of products with the logistics industry developed, the use of more and more widely, the businessmen in order to increase product promotion efforts, the idea of making the Cigarette Box on the production, the package will need to use the package of cigarettes, if Will some of the relevant information be printed to increase the publicity effect?
   When it comes to easy, it is not simple, you want to print on the Cigarette Box, the first need to print the text to print out, the use of a clear width of the transparent Cigarette Box covered in the entire paper with the word side. Pay attention to be neat, waiting for a solid paste, the entire paper soaked into the water, the paper will be clean after the word will remain in the transparent Cigarette Box, which is the user friends can try a printing method, manufacturers use more formal Convenient!
  Cigarette Box manufacturers of various products have its excellent performance and unique use, so that it has excellent use in various industries, the composition of the composition of the Cigarette Box for its performance and use is very critical, specifically how?
    Base material is essential for the production of cigarettes. It is one of the most basic components of the plastic and one of the transparent Cigarette Box. Secondly, it is a curing agent. It is a material that hardens the base material into a solid, ; The use of toughening agent is also very necessary, it can increase the toughness of the adhesive layer to improve the impact resistance of the adhesive layer, anti-stripping, anti-bending ability to reduce the reaction heat and shrinkage; The addition of this ingredient reduces the viscosity of the gel, makes it easy to handle, and improves the wettability and fluidity of the gel.