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What Is The Relationship Between Color And Quality Of Cigarette Tear Tape?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

What is the relationship between color and quality of Cigarette Tear Tape?
   Cigarette Tear Tape is life and work are more understanding, that before we have a simple introduction, know that cigarette manufacturers factory direct sales of many types of Cigarette Tear Tape, including color, specifications, etc., we have to understand the specific color and quality relationship.
   Through the Cigarette Tear Tape factory direct We understand that: transparent Cigarette Tear Tape appearance of the more white color, less Cigarette Tear Tape impurities, in order to ensure the normal adhesive, 100 meters below the Cigarette Tear Tape has a certain degree of transparency can see the paper tube; and yellow Cigarette Tear Tape to see whether the surface of the Cigarette Tear Tape irregular distribution of white spots, hand pressure can not wipe the imprinting of impurities or glue, this product is generally with a smell.
   So that the color of cigarettes can also determine the color of Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers can direct product quality, consumers can refer to the above mentioned when the purchase, more knowledge of the product can inquire, manufacturers have a variety of categories of products to choose from.
 Cigarette Tear Tape is very convenient to use, to bring a great convenience to our lives, Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers produce all kinds of Cigarette Tear Tape exists in all aspects of our lives, in the use of Cigarette Tear Tape in the process of occasional Alice phenomenon, Affect the use of the effect, the following we come to understand the reasons for this phenomenon.
   First, in the production process of labeling machine pressure roller pressure is not enough, so the manufacturers to grasp the appropriate pressure roller tire pressure, select the appropriate glue material to improve the situation of folding.
   Second, some manufacturers produce Cigarette Tear Tape sticky too small, or even non-stick, so we need to choose the regular manufacturers, to understand the purchase of Cigarette Tear Tape skills, choose strong sticky high-quality Cigarette Tear Tape.
   The quality of the product is the Cigarette Tear Tape manufacturers in the Cigarette Tear Tape market competitiveness of the most fundamental embodiment, so manufacturers need a lot of attention to the production process and technology, to provide users with quality products.
 Cigarette Tear Tape Manufacturers have a wide variety of Cigarette Tear Tapes, although their performance is different, but consumers are also concerned about its quality problems, the quality of the Cigarette Tear Tape can be detected by a variety of ways to see, some experienced relatives from Appearance and taste can be identified, let's take a closer look at the following.
    First, look at the color of Cigarette Tear Tape, the general appearance of transparent Cigarette Tear Tape, the color of the more white, indicating that the Cigarette Tear Tape less impurities, so as to ensure the normal adhesive; and then its brightness analysis, the general quality of low-grade Cigarette Tear Tape Dark, and this Cigarette Tear Tape fracture probability is very high; the last taste difference, the taste is very strong and there is a taste of sour taste that the retention of Cigarette Tear Tape is very poor, not recommended to buy.
    Choose a high-quality Cigarette Tear Tape is very important, so master the above-mentioned quality testing methods are also very necessary, more information about the relevant information can call cigarette manufacturers manufacturers advice, we sincerely welcome your call.
  Cigarette Tear Tape Factory direct sales and consumers are very concerned about the durability of Cigarette Tear Tape, that is, the life of Cigarette Tear Tape, but the life of Cigarette Tear Tape with its many properties are related to its high temperature, cold, , Waterproof, anti-electrical insulation and weather resistance have a great impact, followed by Xiaobian to learn more about it
   According to the comprehensive analysis, the reason why the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape is affected by the chemical effect, the physical influence and the reason of the material itself. The physical influence is that under the influence of light and heat, the sticky viscosity of the Cigarette Tear Tape is decreased, and the air viscosity will be more Fast, and humidity and heat is the lasting impact on the durability of Cigarette Tear Tape the most prominent problem. Often the surface aging of Cigarette Tear Tapes is faster than internal aging.
   Here refers to the aging of the Cigarette Tear Tape under the influence of external physical conditions, the performance of a change in the process, more information about the relevant information can call the cigarette factory direct contact telephone consultation.